Building MyFaces in Netbeans 5.5 and above

Building MyFaces in Netbeans is very simple,however you have to follow some prerequirements

* Maven2 has to be installed * Download and install the Maven2 plugin for Netbeans

First check out MyFaces manually via svn, and do a normal build.

If everything works well issue following command to have the Netbeans project structure generated:

After that you can import the generated projects via the Netbeans project import facilities.

A build should be possible now simply by calling build on the affected project or by issuing a master build via F11 (or under Build-> build main project)

If you get the error: cannot find ${mvn.path}, you have to add a mvn call to the ant options under Options->Miscellangeneous->Ant->Manage properties

If you get the error message, JAVA_HOME not properly defined, from the maven call start netbeans from the console not from the UI! (or start Netbeans from a non Gnome console, and make sure JAVA_HOME is properly defined)

If all goes well myfaces should build now!

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