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The following tasks were done in the timeframe of "Oct21 -> Oct28"


  • Lots of converter and validator work
    • ADFFACES-201
    • ADFFACES-202
    • ADFFACES-170
    • ADFFACES-200
    • ADFFACES-169
    • ADFFACES-204
    • ADFFACES-145
    • ADFFACES-165
    • ADFFACES-263
    • ADFFACES-249
  • including:
    • Client side validation for validateLongRange, validateDoubleRange, and validateDateTimeRange
    • Renamed "message detail" customization attributes per adffaces-dev discussion
    • ADFFACES-265: add icon property to commandButton and goButton
    • ADFFACES-268: Add support for formatting locale, separate from translation locale
  • Some more APIs moved into the public API:

(from Matthias and Gabrielle)


  • Support for skinning prefixes other than "af|" mostly done (Jeanne)
  • Many improvements to PDA rendering, thanks to patches from Piyush Hari
  • Many improvements to portal support with proper URL encoding
  • ADFFACES-262: Active input text box not populated on dialog return. (Patch from Olivier Lafontaine)

JSF 1.2 work


  • cleanup of notices and licenses for compliance with Apache Incubator rules (Matthias)

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