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 * MyFaces Extensions Scripting

DRAFT(!) version of the quarterly report of the Apache MyFaces PMC. Feel free to edit

MyFaces Quarterly Report October 2009


  • Some community changes
  • New releases
  • Discussions


  • New committer:
    • Curtiss Howard
    • another vote just passed, ICLA is now on file. invitation to be send out soon
  • No new PMC members,
  • Some new contributors (e.g. on Trinidad 2.0 stuff)



  • MyFaces Extensions Validator 1.1.3M1

  • MyFaces Extensions Validator 1.2.3M1

New modules

  • JSR 303 integration module for MyFaces Extensions Validator

  • MyFaces Extensions Scripting


  • MyFaces Extensions Validator 2.0.3


  • More on the "logger vote" (for details check our July2009 report): The original vote was to replace commons-logging with the Java Util Logger (jul). Current situation in MyFaces is that some projects use different loggers:

    • Apache MyFaces Trinidad => JUL (+ a little facade for i18n)

    • CORE 2.0 => JUL

    • Core (for 1.x),Tomahawk,Tobago => commons-logging

Now, the vote was to replace the commons-logger by JUL (like Trinidad has), but some other project want to use slf4j. Finally agreement is that we (the myfaces community) are now +1 to go away from commons-logger. This suggestion (http://markmail.org/message/5rrjzerkzuqtymxg) we agreed on (no more mails means agreed). Seriously, as there are tons and gazillions of different loggers, votes (and discussions) on loggers are always fun...

  • Work on Trinidad 2.0 (based on JSF 2.0) started. This branch requires now JDK 1.6. We also got new contributions in that area.
  • A scripting subproject has been created. Currently the work is on getting the groovy support bridge stable. This may become part of the MyFaces core stuff but for now this is an extra module

  • The MyFaces PMC is trying to get another guy -Werner Punz- to join the JSF expert group (as a backup for Martin Marinschek), however there is NO response from the expert group (and its lead). Not sure how this can be solved in the future.

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