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 Following the !MyFaces tradition we also have a ["Companies Using Orchestra"] page.  Following the !MyFaces tradition we also have a [[Companies_Using_Orchestra]] page.
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 * [http://myfaces.apache.org/orchestra Orchestra Main Site]
 * [http://myfaces.apache.org/orchestra/myfaces-orchestra-core/index.html Orchestra Core with all official documentation]
 * [http://myfaces.apache.org/orchestra/download.html Orchestra Download Page]
 * [[http://myfaces.apache.org/orchestra|Orchestra Main Site]]
 * [[http://myfaces.apache.org/orchestra/myfaces-orchestra-core/index.html|Orchestra Core with all official documentation]]
 * [[http://myfaces.apache.org/orchestra/download.html|Orchestra Download Page]]
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 * ["Orchestra and other Dialog/Conversation Frameworks"]
 * ["Best Practices"]
 * [wiki:/RelatedProjects Related Projects]
 * [[Orchestra_and_other_Dialog/Conversation_Frameworks]]
 * [[Best_Practices]]
 * [[/RelatedProjects|Related Projects]]
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 * ["Cut an Orchestra Release"]
 * ["ReleasePlanForCore1.1"]
 * [[Cut_an_Orchestra_Release]]
 * [[ReleasePlanForCore1.1]]
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 * ["Orchestra Dialog, PageFlow"]  * [[Orchestra_Dialog,_PageFlow]]

Apache MyFaces Orchestra

  • With help of the Spring framework Apache MyFaces Orchestra introduce new scopes usable for your managed beans. For example you'll get a "conversation" scope where its lifetime is synchronized with the database session. This allows you to directly use the entities in your view, though, even if you use "data transfer objects" you'll find it convenient to gain from the persistence context session cache and keep things like automatic version checking without having to think about it.

    Further documentation can be found in the Apache MyFaces Orchestra "Core" Module on the Orchestra main site.

    Following the MyFaces tradition we also have a Companies_Using_Orchestra page. You're welcome to add your company to this page.

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