Notes on the MyFaces Orchestra 1.5 Release





Proposed Release Announcement


1. Update RELEASE-NOTES.txt on core, core12 and core20 modules

= 1.5 =

== Overview ==

This is a maintenance release from 1.4

== Backwards Compatibility ==

This release is backwards-compatible with version 1.4

== Bugfixes


    * [ORCHESTRA-50] - Unresolved dependency of org.apache.commons.el.Logger
    * [ORCHESTRA-52] - ConversationManager.getInstance throws ClassCastException comparing DUMMY object
    * [ORCHESTRA-56] - When used with Prettyfaces, the conversationContext param is added to the URL multiple times
    * [ORCHESTRA-58] - ConversationManager should use equals to check for dummy id
    * [ORCHESTRA-59] - Orchestra does not work with JSF RI


    * [ORCHESTRA-48] - Ensure log guard for debug level messages
    * [ORCHESTRA-49] - AccessScopePhaseListener should check for responseComplete in doAfterRestoreView

== Known Issues

== Major Changes

== New Features

== History

1.0 release based on r583187
Branched for 1.1 release on r634925
Branched for 1.2 release on r671173
Branched for 1.3 release on r707462
Branched for 1.3.1 release on r749100
Branched for 1.4 release on r890527
Branched for 1.5 release on r??

2.0. Preparing myfaces-orchetra-maven 1.3

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -DdryRun=true

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dresume=false

mvn release:perform -DtagBase=

2.1. Preparing myfaces-orchestra-core 1.5

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -DdryRun=true

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dresume=false

mvn release:perform -DtagBase=

2.2. Preparing myfaces-orchestra-core12 1.5

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -DdryRun=true

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dresume=false

mvn release:perform -DtagBase=

2.2. Preparing myfaces-orchestra-core20 1.5

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -DdryRun=true

mvn release:prepare -DtagBase= -Dresume=false

mvn release:perform -DtagBase=

3. Create assemblies

//checkout core, core12 and core20 and run this
mvn install -Pgenerate-assembly -Papache-release

//on core/target
openssl md5 myfaces-orchestra-core-1.5.tar.gz > myfaces-orchestra-core-1.5.tar.gz.md5
openssl md5 >
openssl sha1 myfaces-orchestra-core-1.5.tar.gz > myfaces-orchestra-core-1.5.tar.gz.sha1
openssl sha1 >
gpg --armor --output myfaces-orchestra-core-1.5.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig myfaces-orchestra-core-1.5.tar.gz
gpg --armor --output --detach-sig

//on core12/target
openssl md5 myfaces-orchestra-core12-1.5.tar.gz > myfaces-orchestra-core12-1.5.tar.gz.md5
openssl md5 >
openssl sha1 myfaces-orchestra-core12-1.5.tar.gz > myfaces-orchestra-core12-1.5.tar.gz.sha1
openssl sha1 >
gpg --armor --output myfaces-orchestra-core12-1.5.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig myfaces-orchestra-core12-1.5.tar.gz
gpg --armor --output --detach-sig

//on core20/target
openssl md5 myfaces-orchestra-core20-1.5.tar.gz > myfaces-orchestra-core20-1.5.tar.gz.md5
openssl md5 >
openssl sha1 myfaces-orchestra-core20-1.5.tar.gz > myfaces-orchestra-core20-1.5.tar.gz.sha1
openssl sha1 >
gpg --armor --output myfaces-orchestra-core20-1.5.tar.gz.asc --detach-sig myfaces-orchestra-core20-1.5.tar.gz
gpg --armor --output --detach-sig

5. Copy assembly files (.zip, .tar.gz and associated .asc, .md5, sha1) in a directory and move it to

scp -p *

6. Ask for vote


I was running the needed tasks to get the 1.5 release of Apache
MyFaces Orchestra out.

Please note that this vote concerns all of the following parts:
 1. Maven artifact group "org.apache.myfaces.orchestra" v1.5 [1]

The artifacts are deployed to my private Apache account ([1]).

Please take a look at the "1.5" artifacts and vote!

Please note: This vote is "majority approval" with a minimum of three
+1 votes (see [2]).

[ ] +1 for community members who have reviewed the bits
[ ] +0
[ ] -1 for fatal flaws that should cause these bits not to be released,
 and why..............

Leonardo Uribe


7. Vote success, continue with the procedure

Copy assemblies in orchestra15 to binaries
cp myfaces-o /www/

8. Deploy on using nexus

7. copy svn branch to tag

8. ANNOUNCE mail

The Apache MyFaces Orchestra team is pleased to announce the release of
Apache MyFaces Orchestra Core 1.5

Get a full overview at Orchestra's homepage [1].

The release notes for 1.5 can be found here:

The distribution is available at

Apache MyFaces Orchestra is available in the central Maven repository
under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.orchestra".

Leonardo Uribe


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