The passwordStrength component is usually needed by the web sites which require a powerful user's password for the purpose of the registration stuff.

The component's users can know the strength of the password while typing before even submitting the page to the server.

The component's users can define custom security policy for their passwords in an easy manner.

The component has two types of the password strength representation. Till now the password strength can be represented as text or progressbar.


                <s:passwordStrength    [id="txtPwdText"] 
                                       [prefixText="Strength : "]
                                       [textStrengthDescriptions="Very Poor;Weak;Average;Strong;Excellent"] 


preferredPasswordLength - defines the preferred length of the password. It is required.

textStrengthDescriptions - defines the text strength descriptions that defines the strength levels. It is optional. Default is "Very Poor;Weak;Average;Strong;Excellent" (5 levels).

prefixText - The prefix of the textStrengthDescriptions message. It is optional. Default is "Strength : ".

showDetails - This flag {true | false} determines whether to show the details "The Left Characters" or not. It is optional. Default is true.

strengthIndicatorType - This flag {true | false} determines the strength indicator type. It can be {text | bar}. It is optional. Default is text.

useCustomSecurity - This flag {true | false} determines whether to use custom security rule instead of just depending on the password length or not. It is optional. Default is false.

customSecurityExpression -

penaltyRatio - This attribute determines the penalty ratio that will decrease the password Strength if the custom security expression is not met. Possible values from 0 to 100. Default value is 50. Note that the useCustomSecurity should be set to true to activate this attribute.

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