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MigrateFromJspToFacelets and ["Use Facelets with Tomahawk"] and ["Facelets with Trinidad"] MigrateFromJspToFacelets and [[Use_Facelets_with_Tomahawk]] and [[Facelets_with_Trinidad]]


The purpose of this page is to introduce a framework that offers the concept of 'conversations'. Seam is a product from JBoss for integrating JSF with EJB3. Look here for further information: http://www.jboss.com/products/seam

Seam Demo apps


If you have a running webapp you can integrate seam smoothly. You do not need to use a EJB3 application server. A Seam application runs even on tomcat. When you want to use Seam together with hibernate, you are able to run hibernate in the JBoss microcontainer

How to use (SETUP)

Seam works with MyFaces although some functionality overlap, and using some components may not make sense any more.

if you are using Seam with Facelets you may need some other configurations for Facelets support, which you can find more information about it at: MigrateFromJspToFacelets and Use_Facelets_with_Tomahawk and Facelets_with_Trinidad

if you are using AJAX4JSF or other AJAX frameworks with Seam (like in examples) take care about how to configure them to avoid conflict between Tomahawk extension filter and you AJAX framework filter.

  • Using Seam Exceptions handling :

Seam Exceptions mechanism only handles exceptions not handled by anyone. Or the default attitude of myfaces is to handle all the exceptions through the Error Handling feature. If you want to use seam as exception handler, follow the instructions given in the offical doc (Install Seam Filter, disable Facelets developement mode...), and don't forget to disable error handling in myfaces :


  • <param-name>org.apache.myfaces.ERROR_HANDLING</param-name> <param-value>false</param-value>


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