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Placeholder for the draft of the scope documentation

The Scope control is more or less just a sandbox proof of concept on how to be able to savestate without having to go through the full serialisation and restore of the component. It has a slight speed advantage over the pure JSF approach in its handling of data, but the recently introduced back button fix might not work in this component.

Also a big advantage is since the beans do not have to go through the jsf save and restore cycle you always end up with the same bean. The implementation of the serialisation interface however still is mandatory for the scoped beans, due to the fact, that many app servers use session serialisation for clustering or the reduction of ram consumption.

Also note, there are issues with double opened windows and ajax with this component. Ajax requests and double opened windows might cause the scope to be lost.

At the time of writing it is not sure if the scope component as is, will be kept in the project. The original intention of being able to bypass serialisation entirely works only on web containers which allow non serializable data in their sessions. Some tomcat installations for instance might not work with non serializable data.

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