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There are currently two diffenrent namespaces (packages) available for our shared project.

  • org.apache.myfaces.shared_impl.*
  • org.apache.myfaces.shared_tomahawk.*

So, the question is, when to use which, since both deliver the same classes

The shared classes are integrated in both tomahawk.jar and myfaces-impl.jar.

  • If you use the "shared_impl" namespace your class depends on MyFaces as your JSF runtime. This means that you cannot use the Sun JSF RI.

  • If you use the "shared_tomahawk" namespace your code only depends on Tomahawk, which should run with the Sun JSF RI.

There is also a myfaces-shared-core.jar, which is the base of both shared_XXX namespaces. This JAR includes the org.apache.myfaces.shared.* namespace, but there is no released version for it.

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