The panelTabbedPane is quite simple to use. But sometimes errors occur, where it is difficult to determine the reason. Mostly it is related to a misconfiguration of your webapp (web.xml).

To check that everything runs fine, take a look at the produced HTML-code. The component includes a default stylesheet (defaultStyle.css) and much javascript-code.



Notes about Attributes

Below is additional documentation about attributes. At some point the TagLib Documentation will be updated to include these notes.




See SettingTabClasses for some information on tab styles.


The Panel-Tabs are rendered as buttons !?

The component doesn't include the default-stylesheet and some javascript-code. Check your web.xml for filter-configuration :



Every jsf-Page has to go through the filter.

I added the filter and mappings to my web.xml and still have buttons for Panel-Tabs!?

If you are using a connector between Apache and Tomcat, make sure you add the following to your httpd.conf:

  JKMount /*.jsf ajp13
  JKMount /*.faces ajp13
  JKMount /''your context root''/faces/* ajp13

The defaultStyle.css is served through your servlet container, not your web server. Without this, you will get a lot of 404 errors in your Apache error logs.

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