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Tobago 1.0.8 Release

Proposed Release Announcement

MyFaces Tobago provides a well designed set of JSF user interface components. The components are compatible with MyFaces Core 1.1.4 and the JSF Reference Implementation from Sun.

The MyFaces Tobago 1.0.8 distribution is available from:

MyFaces Tobago is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.tobago".

The changes include:


  • application converter is not used for tx:date component
  • theme jars cannot be loaded inside IBM WebSphere

  • layout renderer causes NullPointerException when layouting panels

  • GridLayoutRenderer ignores rows after the first row which is not rendered

  • UIGridLayout.Row NotSerializableException

  • tx:date inside a tc:sheet causes NullPointerException

  • EmptyStackException in sheet when showPageRange="none"

  • password attribute of tc:in works only as a method binding in Facelets
  • Tobago doesn't run with RI 1.1_02
  • non-string item values not possible in tx:menuRadio
  • SelectOneChoice in IE overrides z-index of menu

  • resource directories need defined order
  • NullPointerException when decoding PageState without state value in request

  • warning page contains secure and non-secure items in IE when using HTTPS
  • with popup window the suggest box renders behind the popup
  • input suggest doesn't support umlauts
  • using input suggest blocks page in IE without ActiveX


  • add globalOnly attribute to messages tag
  • tc:link should support f:param
  • TabChangeEvent should provide the same methods like the TabChangeEvent in Tomahawk

  • date picker of tx:date should be surrounded by a form to prevent validation errors from other fields
  • selectable modes in sheet
  • increase the version of the Facelets dependency to 1.1.11

New Features

  • autoreload feature for sheet
  • provide a JDK 1.4 version of Tobago with Retrotranslator
  • UICommand facet support for change and click events in selectOneRadio,
    • selectBooleanCheckbox, selectManyCheckbox and selectOneChoice

For a complete list of please see:


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