The Official Tomahawk Site

The official site for the Tomahawk library can be found at

This page is a community-maintained page that contains additional information and errata (corrections) for information on the above site.

Configuring your JSP or JSPX pages to use Tomahawk

Instructions on how to use Tomahawk components in your application can be found at the official site: There is further information on the ["MyFaces 1.1.0 Tomahawk Components"] page.

Tomahawk can be used with the non-standard (but very nice) Facelets project (an alternative to JSP or JSPX for your pages). You can find more information on the ["Use Facelets with MyFaces"] and ["Use_Facelets_with_Tomahawk"] pages.



Tomahawk offers an extended versions of the standard components, and a number of more advanced additional components. To see tomahawk examples in action, go to:

Extended Version of Standard Components

All standard components have an equivalent version in Tomahawk. These extended versions feature additional attributes.

Extended features:

The following standard components have been additionally enhanced:

Advanced Additional Components


The sandbox is growing really fast and the list below is terribly outdated. You really need to download the nightly build to see all the exciting stuff it contains. Daily builds of sandbox examples can be found at: (go to "MyFaces Sandbox Examples latest build")


Historical Information

The very early releases (pre 1.1.0) of the above components were called "myfaces-extensions", not Tomahawk.