Notes on the MyFaces Trinidad 2.1.1 Release




Here's how you can help us test the distribution.

Download a nightly build of the distribution assemblies:

Configure a <repository> for Maven 2:

           <name>Apache Snapshot Repository</name>

And declare a dependency on the 2.1.1 snapshots:


Note: Maven 2.2.10 will not download a new version if one is already present in your local repository. You will need to delete $M2_REPO/org/apache/myfaces/core to force Maven to download the new version. (Usually, $M2_REPO is <your home directory>/.m2/repository .)

Test your application, then, let us know the results (good or bad!) on dev -at- (You must be subscribed to post. See:


Proposed Release Announcement


2. Preparing trinidad 2.1.10

mvn clean install
mvn install -Pgenerate-assembly -Papache-release
mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true -DdryRun=true

mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true -Dresume=false
mvn install
mvn install -Pgenerate-assembly -Papache-release
mvn release:rollback -DprepareRelease=true 
mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true -Dresume=false

mvn release:prepare -DprepareRelease=true

mvn release:perform -DperformRelease=true

4. JIRA Release Management

6. Get assembly from nexus repo (trinidad-assembly)



I was running the needed tasks to get the 2.1.1 release of Apache MyFaces Trinidad out.

Please note that this vote concerns the following parts:
1. Maven artifact group "org.apache.myfaces.trinidad" v2.1.1 [1]

Please note there are more than 50 issues solved in this version
with patches provided by different community members.

Here is how you can help and check this version:

svn checkout
cd trinidad-2.1.1
mvn install
cd trinidad-examples/trinidad-components-showcase
mvn clean -PjettyConfig jetty:run

Look the demo in your browser at:


The artifacts were deployed on nexus repo [1] [3] for
binary and source packages.

The release notes could be found at [4].

Please take a look at the "2.1.1" artifacts and vote!

Please note: This vote is "majority approval" with a minimum of three
+1 votes (see [3]).

[ ] +1 for community members who have reviewed the bits
[ ] +0
[ ] -1 for fatal flaws that should cause these bits not to be released,
 and why..............

Leonardo Uribe


8. Clirr report to check binary incompatibilities success

9. Vote closed, starting distribution

10. Announce

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] MyFaces Trinidad v2.1.1 Release

The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of Apache MyFaces Trinidad 2.1.1

MyFaces Trinidad is a JavaServer(tm) Faces component library compatible with JSF 2.1

Apache MyFaces Trinidad is available in both binary and source distributions and there are examples available as well:


Apache MyFaces Trinidad is available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.myfaces.trinidad"

Release Notes - MyFaces Trinidad - Version 2.1.1


    [TRINIDAD-2428] - rtl styles are getting overriden by non rtl styles
    [TRINIDAD-2429] - UIXCollection sets up the context when not necessary
    [TRINIDAD-2430] - ForEach looses varStatus data if JSP tags are not executed
    [TRINIDAD-2433] - unnecessary use of FacesContext in SkinProvider API
    [TRINIDAD-2437] - documentation about cilent side rules does not mention about aliases
    [TRINIDAD-2443] - Reduce severity of component binding reuse message
    [TRINIDAD-2444] - Need pass through for newly supported placeholder pseudo-element / classes
    [TRINIDAD-2446] - Trinidad varStatus does not expose a getStep method
    [TRINIDAD-2447] - UIComponent.isCompositeComponent() is slow for UIXComponents
    [TRINIDAD-2449] - warning logged for bad icons is internal - not required for customers
    [TRINIDAD-2453] - MoveChildComponentChange fails to apply document change for relocated component case
    [TRINIDAD-2457] - Servlet external context wrapper missing JSF 2 API
    [TRINIDAD-2466] - FileDownLoadActionListener does not work with filenames with special characters on IE11
    [TRINIDAD-2469] - trinidad date picker selects previous day when using lightweight dialogs
    [TRINIDAD-2470] - GenericConverterFactory needs to throw TypeConversionException in response to exceptions during conversion
    [TRINIDAD-2472] - skin properties mentioned inside client rule are getting applied
    [TRINIDAD-2474] - AutoSubmitUtils and XhtmlUtils can cause a thread deadlock
    [TRINIDAD-2475] - org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CHECK_FILE_MODIFICATION context parameter warning in non ProjectStage.Production
    [TRINIDAD-2477] - NoSuchElementException in UIXIterator.visitData
    [TRINIDAD-2478] - FileSystemStyleCache file modification checking not working
    [TRINIDAD-2480] - Register Table's InternalState as RowKeyChangeListener to CollectionModel
    [TRINIDAD-2482] - Trinidad date picker dialog doesn't open on ie 10 and ie 11
    [TRINIDAD-2483] - UIXComponentELTag causes an exception in Glassfish
    [TRINIDAD-2484] - Threadsafety issue in SkinStyleProvider leading to missing styles and distorted ui
    [TRINIDAD-2485] - Some attribute behaviors in tr:validateDateRestriction donot match their documentation
    [TRINIDAD-2487] - NoSuchElementException in UIXIterator.visitData (Issue #2)
    [TRINIDAD-2488] - NPE in TrinidadSkinProvider when base skin is not included in skin def in trinidad-skins.xml
    [TRINIDAD-2489] - Incorrect filename displayed in Chrome while using FILEDOWNLOADACTIONLISTENER
    [TRINIDAD-2490] - skin additions are not loaded for simple, minimal and casablanca skins
    [TRINIDAD-2492] - Layout Tables to support Accessibility and OAG2.0 guidelines
    [TRINIDAD-2495] - af:convertnumber: currencysymbol and currencycode support is broken
    [TRINIDAD-2498] - ResourceServlet does not preserve outgoing headers from URLConnection.
    [TRINIDAD-2499] - ChangeManager provides incorrect document location for dynamic components
    [TRINIDAD-2500] - RequestContext.applicationScopedConcurrentMap pins objects in memory
    [TRINIDAD-2504] - DateFormat.js incorrectly implements 'D' (day of year) parsing
    [TRINIDAD-2506] - Ensure all the Trinidad Validators are compliant with version 2 of JSF specification
    [TRINIDAD-2509] - For date pattern=yyyy:DDD HH:mm:ss, validation error is thrown even when the date is selected from popup and is correct
    [TRINIDAD-2511] - rounding mode is not honoured on the client while using number converter
    [TRINIDAD-2512] - Code changes to allow the use of font-family in CSS (for CJK locales)
    [TRINIDAD-2523] - Agent Initialization in JavaScript does not support IE11
    [TRINIDAD-2525] - IE 11 - Unsupported JavaScript methods are used in Trinidad
    [TRINIDAD-2526] - Parent page not getting disable on opening child window using modal dialog.
    [TRINIDAD-2528] - ValueChangeListener is not getting called on inputDate
    [TRINIDAD-2537] - Combination of Trinidad with MyFaces Core and Spring WebFlow doesn't function
    [TRINIDAD-2538] - Assembly artifacts are not deployed on release:perform


    [TRINIDAD-2439] - Plugable configuration parameter provider
    [TRINIDAD-2448] - Optimize ChangeManager.createDocumentChange() implementation
    [TRINIDAD-2464] - maintain selection order
    [TRINIDAD-2467] - FacesMessageWrapper and Skin Addition enhancements
    [TRINIDAD-2476] - needs to override subscribeToEvent
    [TRINIDAD-2496] - Support custom negative prefix and suffix on af:convertNumber
    [TRINIDAD-2501] - Renderkit Test Improvements
    [TRINIDAD-2502] - Finish RenderKit Test Improvements so we can always run all tests
    [TRINIDAD-2507] - Allow CoreRenderer to take part in broadcast of a FacesEvent
    [TRINIDAD-2510] - make SkinTestCase more extendable
    [TRINIDAD-2514] - Make isEmailMode check more lenient

New Feature

    [TRINIDAD-2459] - Addition of ValueUpdatedEvent + ValueUpdatedListener


Leonardo Uribe

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