Trinidad is still based on JSF 1.1, and takes no advantages of any of JavaEE 5 - JSF 1.2 and JSP 2.1 as the highlights. However, a branch of the code is based on JSF 1.2.

Getting the JSF 1.2 branch

The latest JSF 1.2 branch is at

So, to download and build:

svn co trinidad1_2
cd trinidad1_2
cd plugins
mvn install
cd ..
cd trinidad
mvn install

Status of the JSF 1.2 branch

Largely complete. The code supports invokeOnComponent(), all the tags are based on JSP 2.1 (and use ValueExpressions and MethodExpressions), etc.

Some tasks could be taken on:

When will the JSF 1.2 branch become trunk?

(Adam Winer) - my current thinking is that this should happen when MyFaces switches their trunk to JSF 1.2. We should continue to keep around a JSF 1.1 branch.

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