This page describe the various Maven plugins provided with Trinidad. Some are to be used mostly by Trinidad project itself, but some other can be very useful for any other project.

JDev plug-in

That plug-in is a nice extension to the already existing Eclipse and Netbeans plug-ins provided with Maven by default. As it name implies, this plug-in will generate a JDeveloper project from a Maven project structure. However, to use this plug-in successfully, some work has to be done to your project's POM file first.

  1. Requirement: The project must be placed on the same drive than your repository. The plug-in will run even without that requirement, but JDeveloper won't be able to locate the libraries when you open the project.
  2. Generate your project's POM using Trinidad Archetype for example.
  3. Edit the project's POM file and add the following:
    •   <build>
  4. Run mvn jdev:jdev from your project's directory

  5. Open JDeveloper and open the .jpr file that was generated.

Faces plug-in

The Faces plugin takes as input a directory of JSF 1.2-syntax faces-config.xml files and generates numerous artifacts:

  1. A merged faces-config.xml file (either 1.1 or 1.2)
  2. UIComponent, Converter, and Validator .java code
  3. JSP tag .java code
  4. JSP .tld file
  5. Facelets taglib.xml file

In addition, a separate tagdoc plugin takes these same files and generates tag documentation.

This tag urgently needs full documentation! Please insert any items in here.


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