a searchable archive of MyFaces mailing lists (User and Dev combined). Clean UI, fast search. a nntp site for accessing the myfaces mailinglists and hundreds of others via an easy to use nntp interface, every nntp compliant newsreader can be used

Current State of Apache Resources Scheduled and unscheduled Up- and Downtimes

Activitiy of the Apache MyFaces project by Vadim Gritsenko MyFaces mailing-lists activity Develop an application with Apache Derby, Apache MyFaces, and Facelets Has a bunch of tutorials and resource information about JSF Very good overview to the standard JSF Tags Sun J2EE Tutorial, includes JSF Blueprints for JSF Ajax components

JSF Related Resources Articles, Books, Examples, Extensions, FAQs, IDEs, Presentations, Tools, Tutorials.

HTML Layout Tag Library Components for almost all of the standard HTML tags and attributes based on the HTML 4.01 specification.

Custom Component Creation Article on

seam jsf extension library

prototype.js tutorial, very good inofficial prototype.js tutorial, this library is used heavily in the myfaces component set Getting started tutorial on JSF 1.2 with Eclipse. JSF Tutorial JSF training using Eclipse JSF tutorial covering basics, advanced informations and JSF/MyFaces ecosystem (German only)

Spring Framework and JSF integration

Spring Framework dependency injection library

Jacn jsf-spring integrator without spring's xml usage

jsf-spring integration library by mindmatters

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