(This page was started based on a thread in a mailing list. Please add your own experience here for the benefit of you collegue developers over the world. Please also add negative experiences. Also, please edit the proposed format for entries if you have a better idea; it's just a first setup now.)

Entries here should discuss how well tools that aid in web app development do in different environments. Please add relevant platform and version information to each entry.

An entry should look like:

==<product name>==


 * Version: <product version>
 * OSS | FreeWare | Price
 * OS: <os name>
 * OS version: <os version>
[If it is a plugin:
 * Platform: eclipse | netbeans | …
 * Platform version: <platform version>]

 * <Several appreciation entries>
 * ...




Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin

Exadel Studio Pro


JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver

Mailing List Reports

(This page starts with a quick'n'dirty copy paste from the mailing list, unedited. Please edit and expand. This section should evolve away over time.)

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