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(This page was started based on a thread in a mailing list. Please add your own experience here for the benefit of you collegue developers over the world. Please also add negative experiences. Also, please edit the proposed format for entries if you have a better idea; it's just a first setup now.)

Entries here should discuss how well tools that aid in web app development do in different environments. Please add relevant platform and version information to each entry.

An entry should look like:

==<product name>==


 * Version: <product version>
 * OSS | FreeWare | Price
 * OS: <os name>
 * OS version: <os version>
[If it is a plugin:
 * Platform: eclipse | netbeans | …
 * Platform version: <platform version>]

 * <Several appreciation entries>
 * ...



  • Version: 3.1
  • OSS
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • OS version: 10.3.9
  • Very good overal development tool. Nothing JSF, JSP or webapp specific in itself, but can be extended with relevant plugins.


  • Version: 5.0 beta 2
  • OSS
  • OS: Linux, Windows, others
  • OS version: Linux Mandriva 2006.0; Windows XP
  • Very good overall development.
  • Ant-based project and build process - can build projects without IDE.
  • Code completion for faces-config.xml and web.xml as well as JSF component tags and other taglibs within JSPs.
  • Handles deployment to, and debugging in, Tomcat, JBoss and some other servers.

Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin

  • Version: 3.1.0 beta
  • OSS
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • OS version: 10.3.9
  • Little awsome plugin that lets you start and stop Tomcat from within eclipse. Output comes in the eclipse console, debugging of webapps is possible. With DevLoader (advised!), you can also debug different projects in your webapp.


  • Version: 6.1
  • $180 - $238, with "continuous discounts"
  • OS: Mac OS X
  • OS version: 10.3.9
  • Platform: standalone & as eclipse plugin

  • Platform version: eclipse 3.1
  • Pure XML/XSLT editor, no real support for web apps, JSP, JSF
  • Mixed feelings about quality
    • louzy UI
    • annecdotal: on save, window looses focus as eclipse plugin
    • other annoyances
  • Better XML editor than what we get in eclipse, which we can really use, since we always create JSPX pages, and most tools don't support that (how come?)
  • If xml:<namespace> filled out correctly, with reference to schema, does autocompletion well

  • Syntax coloring is nice

JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Price: Regular $299 (Introductory price $199)
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP
  • Platform: Dreamweaver MX 2004 / Dreamweaver 8
  • First-class Web design environment for JSF
  • Full round-trip engineering with Java IDEs
  • Visual JSF Core and JSF HTML tags
  • Drag-and-drop tag toolbars
  • Managed bean introspection
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • http://www.jsftoolbox.com

Mailing List Reports

(This page starts with a quick'n'dirty copy paste from the mailing list, unedited. Please edit and expand. This section should evolve away over time.)

  • Combination of ["Exadel_IDE"] and ["MyEclipse_IDE"], while I tend to use Exadel for the User Interface and core JSF stuff I use MyEclipse for the rest. Probably I will add JSR220 to the mix as soon as I move to EJB3.

  • Eclipse + FacesIDE + EclipseHTMLEditor.
  • IntelliJ IDEA - without Faces support whatsoever :(

  • trying Exadel v3 pro: good JSF-editor, good JSP-editor (Macromedia-style)
  • mostly NitroX from M7: good JSF-editor, good JSP-editor (Macromedia-style), good recognization for distributed applications (apps relying on other apps...)
  • tried ["MyEclipse_IDE"] v4: a bit disappointing support for JSF-components

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