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How to set up tomcat 7 for file transfer and ensure file is transferred.

1. in context.xml of the server conf directory add the attribute allowCasualMultipartParsing and set the value to true.

<Context ... allowCasualMultipartParsing="true">


Set to true if Tomcat should automatically parse multipart/form-data request bodies when HttpServletRequest.getPart* or HttpServletRequest.getParameter* is called, even when the target servlet isn't marked with the @MultipartConfig annotation (See Servlet Specification 3.0, Section 3.2 for details). Note that any setting other than false causes Tomcat to behave in a way that is not technically spec-compliant. The default is false

2. Install wireshark

3.If you are using usb to connect to the network install usbpcap

4.Start tomcat and start capture of http packets. Refer to know to start the capture. Then submit file from the browser.

5.Analyse the http packets and ensure the file is transferred fully.

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