JSF-COMP Project

Started as a small sideproject before the official MyFaces sandbox was installed.

It serves as a testing ground, code snipped/code contribution ground for code which might be shared for others and for code which might move into the MyFaces sandbox in the long run.

It can be used as a starting ground for component donation towards MyFaces or general code dumping ground.

The code currently is somewhat rough and no build system currently has been enabled.

The project can be found here here

A demo server for some of the components can be found here (Note, this is a private machine, the link might not be reachable sometimes)

Current components in the project

* Self Layouting Checkbox system

* Ajax autocomplete input field derived from the Sun Blueprints (legacy code because there is something similar already in the sandbox)

* Ajax autocomplete text area

* Effects control which uses the prototype/script.aculo.us javascript class library

* Client side tabbed pane system which also uses the prototype library

* Scope control, which enables a t:saveState similar scoping mechanism without having the needs for serialisation (it basically enables scopes smaller than session and bigger than requests on component level)

* A javascript controller to show how to import javascripts with dependencies in a clean manner

* A small generic ORM datamodel which shows how to bind ORM systems to JSF

* An [OptionalValidationFramework]

* JSF Chart Creator

* Acegi-JSF Security components inspired by Acegi Framework

* Client Side Validation Framework

* JSF Excel Creator

* HTML Panel

* Barcode Creator

* Easy SelectItems


Open a sourceforge account, and send a request to the project maintainer for getting cvs access.


Try to keep your code under licenses which allow the integration into the MyFaces project (Apache 2.0 compatible licenses - NO GPL)

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