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  * [[http://tutorteddy.com/site/free_statistics_help.php|Boston Predictive Analytics]] - Nutch, Solr, Mahout, and Statistics help focusing on probability theory. <subhankar.ray at tutorteddy.com>

Nutch Support

The following parties may be available for hire for Nutch development. Please note that some documentation can be found in the wiki and free developer support is available in the developer mailing list.

This listing is provided as a reference only. No endorsements are given or implied. See also Help_Wanted.

Entries are listed alphabetically by company or last name.

  • 30 Digits - Implementation, consulting, support, and value-add components (i.e. spiders, UI, security) for Nutch, Lucene and Solr. Based in Germany (Deutschland) with customers across Europe and North America. <contact at 30digits.com>

  • Andrzej Bialecki <ab at sigram.com>

  • Boston Predictive Analytics - Nutch, Solr, Mahout, and Statistics help focusing on probability theory. <subhankar.ray at tutorteddy.com>

  • CNLP http://www.cnlp.org/tech/lucene.asp

  • DigitalPebble Ltd. Based in Bristol, UK. Open Source solutions for text engineering (Nutch, SOLR, Lucene, Tika, GATE, UIMA, Hadoop)

  • Doculibre Inc. Open source and information management consulting. (Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, Solr, Lius etc.) <info at doculibre.com>

  • [[http://www.dsen.nl|Thomas Delnoij (DSEN) - Java | J2EE | Agile Development & Consultancy]]

  • eventax GmbH <info at eventax.com>

  • FooFactory / Sami Siren <info at foofactory dot fi>

  • Stefan Groschupf <sg at media-style.com>


  • IntraFind Software AG

  • Kratylos Technologies - Consulting development, and tech support for open source search and speech.

  • Lucene Consulting - Nutch, Solr, Lucene, Hadoop consulting and development. Founded by Otis Gospodnetic, Lucene in Action co-author.

  • Michael Nebel <mn at nebel.de> (germany preferred)

  • Openweb Analysts Ltd Open Source specialist contractors in London, UK.

  • Michael Rosset <mrosset at btmeta.com>

  • Sematext (Otis Gospodnetic, Lucene in Action and Solr in Action co-author) - Solr, Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, HBase, EC2. Lucene/Solr tech support, development and consulting services, and search products. Presence in North America and Europe.

  • Supreet Sethi <supreet at linux-delhi.org> (india preferred)

  • Sudhi Seshachala <sudhi_bs1@yahoo.com> Please visit http://www.myopensourcejobs.com (Built on LAMP and Nutch)

  • http://www.termindoc.de (S&P data GmbH, Germany <schackenberg at termindoc.de>)

  • MINT (Media Integration) is bankrupt. Nutch, Lucene and Solr support was done by Evert Wagenaar. Evert is currently available. <evert.wagenaar at gmail.com>

  • Kelvin Tan Kelvin Tan - Lucene, Solr and Nutch consulting. Specializes in vertical search.

  • Tokenizer Inc. Fuad Efendi, director, [1](416)993-2060, <first_name at last_name.ca>. Toronto, Canada.

  • Vladimir Brezhnev <rsdsoft at gmail.com>

  • Wyona open source software development, <contact at wyona.com>

  • Openindex Lucene/Solr and Nutch located in The Netherlands. Contact

  • Spinn3r

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