Readdb is an alias for org.apache.nutch.crawl.CrawlDbReader

The CrawlDbReader implements all the read-only parts of accessing our web database. It provides us with a read utility for the crawldb.


bin/nutch readdb <crawldb> (-stats | -dump <out_dir> | -topN <nnnn> <out_dir> [<min>] | -url <url>)

<crawldb>: The location of the crawldb directory we wish to read and obtain information from.

-stats: This prints the overall statistics to System.out.

-dump <out_dir>: Enables us to dump the whole crawldb to a text file in any <out_dir> we wish to specify.

[-regex <expr>]: filter records with a regular expression

[-status <status>]: filter records by CrawlDatum status

-topN <nnnn> <out_dir> [<min>]: This dumps the top <nnnn> urls sorted by score relevance to any <out_dir> we wish to specify. If the [<min>] parameter is passed in the command the reader will skip records with scores below this particluar value. This can significantly improve retrieval performance of statistics or crawldb dump results.

-url <url>: This simply prints information of any particular <url> to System.out.


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