First of all GettingSourceCode is required to build from the sources.


You'll need to install Maven2 to build Ode. Just follow the installation instructions. Then open a command in the source root (usually in ode/trunk) and type:

mvn install

There's a lot of chances that at some point in your build you'll get an error like:

1) org.apache.ode:ode-dao-hibernate-db-derby:tar:2.0-SNAPSHOT

If so just execute the following commands:

cd dao-hibernate-db-derby
mvn install
cd ..
mvn install

This will force the missing module to build explicitly and will then resume the global build.

Running in Tomcat (with Axis2)

After everything has been compiled, you should find a WAR file in the axis2-war/target directory. Rename it to ode.war and copy this file to Tomcat's webapp directory. Start Tomcat and Ode should be up and running. You should get the Axis2 welcome page under http://localhost:8080/ode.

The Ode WAR includes its own embedded database (Derby) so you don't have to worry about configuring any external database for now.


Copy the content of axis2-examples/src/examples (the 3 directories) to tomcat/webapps/ode/WEB-INF/processes, this will automatically deploy the 3 example processes. Use the sendsoap command (provided in an archive attached to this page until we produce a clean package for it) to send test messages. The messages to run each of the 3 examples are provided in their respective directory (testRequest.soap). For each example type something like:

sendsoap http://localhost:8080/ode/processes/helloWorld axis2-examples/src/examples/HelloWorld2/testRequest.soap

The urls should be updated according to the address defined in the WSDL file for the process service.

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