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 * axis2 - artifact:
 * axis2-war - artifact: war - builds a war including the Axis Web Service Stack
 * axis2 - artifact: (Done by Jeff)
 * axis2-war - artifact: war - (Working on by Jeff, running test part is not finished)

The result of a recent discussion on the Apache ODE dev list about using maven vs buildr resulted in an agreement to develop pom's along side the rakefile, see also http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ODE-729. This page is created to capture the design of the Maven build system.

Desired Functionality and Existing Examples

  • Integration with Nexus
  • One master pom file containing globally applicable settings (reporsitories etc), child poms with the specifics of each of the submodule.
  • Example setups: jUDDI, which other ones?

  • Using cargo for integration tests.

source code repository: https://svn.jboss.org/repos/riftsaw/branches/ODE/ODE-2.0-maven/

(Exisiting) Build Functionality in each Module

  • axis2 - artifact: (Done by Jeff)
  • axis2-war - artifact: war - (Working on by Jeff, running test part is not finished)
  • bpel-api - (Done by Daniel Dominguez)
  • bpel-api-jca - (Done by Daniel Dominguez)
  • bpel-compiler (Done by Jeff and Daniel)
  • bpel-connector (Done by Jeff)
  • bpel-dao - (Done by Daniel Dominguez)
  • bpel-obj - (This one seems not be used any more? -Jeff)
  • bpel-ql - (Done by Daniel)
  • bpel-schemas - (Done by Jeff Yu and Daniel)
  • bpel-scripts - (Done by Daniel Dominguez)
  • bpel-store - (Done by Jeff)
  • bpel-test - (Done by Jeff)
  • dao-hibernate - (Done by Daniel)
  • dao-hibernate-db -(Done by Jeff, although derby zip is missing atm)
  • dao-jpa (Done by Jeff)
  • dao-jpa-db (Done by Jeff, 2 minor things left, 1, need to include bpel-store; 2, build a zip for derby)
  • dao-jpa-ojpa-derby (This one doesn't seem to be used, right? -Jeff)
  • distro - artifact: zip/tgz files with the ode distribution including src, samples and tools.
  • engine -(Done by Jeff)
  • extensions -(Working on by Jeff)
  • il-common - (Done by Daniel)
  • jacob - (Done by Jeff Yu)
  • jacob-ap - (Done by Jeff Yu)
  • jbi
  • jca-ra - (Done by Daniel Dominguez)
  • jca-server - (Done by Daniel Dominguez)
  • runtimes (Done by Jeff)
  • scheduler-simple (Done by Jeff Yu)
  • tasks (We dont need this one, -Jeff)
  • tools (Done by Jeff)
  • utils - (Done by Jeff Yu)
  • parent module. - (Done by Jeff Yu)

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