Conferences and User Groups

This page lists upcoming conferences, user groups, meetups, etc. that the Pig team is aware of. The goal is for Pig users around the world to have a way to identify conferences and other meetings that might be of interest to them. Also, it can help Pig users find each other at these meetings.

If you are going to any of these, and especially if you are scheduled to present at one, please note that here. If you are aware of conferences, user groups, meetups, etc. that are of interest to the Pig community that are not listed here please add them to the list.




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NoSQL Summer

Summer 2010

Multiple world wide

Bay Area Hadoop User Group

Jul 21 2010

Sunnyvale, CA USA

Apache Asia Roadshow

Aug 14-15 2010

Shanghai, China

Seattle Hadoop Day

Aug 14-15 2010

Seattle, WA USA

Open SQL Camp

Aug 21-22 2010

St. Augustin, Germany


Sep 13-17 2010



Sep 30 - Oct 1 2010

Baltimore, MD USA


Oct 6 - 7 2010

Menlo Park, CA USA

Alan Gates (Yahoo)

Hadoop World NYC

Oct 12 2010

New York City, NY USA

First International Mapreduce Workshop 2010

Nov 30 - Dec 3 2010

Indianapolis, IN USA

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