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Apache Pig is a platform for analyzing large data sets. Pig's language, Pig Latin, lets you specify a sequence of data transformations such as merging data sets, filtering them, and applying functions to records or groups of records. Pig comes with many built-in functions but you can also create your own user-defined functions to do special-purpose processing.

Pig Latin programs run in a distributed fashion on a cluster (programs are complied into Map/Reduce jobs and executed using Hadoop). For quick prototyping, Pig Latin programs can also run in "local mode" without a cluster (all processing takes place in a single local JVM).

Do you Pig? At Yahoo! 40% of all Hadoop jobs are run with Pig. Come join us!


Why Pig Latin instead of SQL? Pig Latin: A Not-So-Foreign Language ...

Want to contribute but don't know where to kick in? Here is our journal of projects we have worked on, are working on, and hope to work on. Find a project that interests you and jump on in.

Pig available as part of Amazon's Elastic MapReduce, as of August 2009.

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