From: John Doe <>
To: PortalApps Developers List <>
Cc: Portals PMC <>
Subject: [RESULT][VOTE] Release Apache Portals Applications project apa-webcontent version 1.2

Apache Portals Applications Team and community,

This release is accepted with the following votes:

    +1 David Sean Taylor (binding)
    +1 Jane Doe (binding)
    +1 John Doe (binding)
    +1 Johney Appleseed (non-binding)

Thank you all for voting!

We will promote the release candidates to the Maven Central Repository and
upload the source and binary distributions to the official download area.

An announcement about the new release will be sent out as soon as the Portals
Applications website is updated and the source and binary distributions have
been mirrored.


John Doe

On 09/26/2011 09:32 AM, John Doe wrote:
> Dear Portals Applications team and community,
> I've staged release candidates for the following Portals Applications project:
> apa-webcontent-1.2.
> Please review the release candidates of these projects which are available in
> the following staging repository for apa-webcontent, apa-rss and apa-demo:


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