Apache Portals Web Content Application 2.x Proposal

1. Objectives

2. Assumptions

3. Tasks

  1. [APA-56] Branching apa-webcontent-1.x and use trunk for 2.x.
  2. [APA-57] Maven project restructuring
    • content-rewriter : content rewriting module decoupled with portlet-api
    • reverse-proxy : reverse proxy module decoupled with portlet-api
    • portlets : portlet classes
    • war : (portlet) web application
  3. [APA-58] Change package name structure (org.apache.portals.application.webcontent2.**)
  4. [APA-59][APA-60] Designing Content Rewriter module and evaluating 3rd party solutions (e.g, htmlcleaner)
  5. [APA-61] Componentizing reverse proxy module
    • to be runnable through both simple configuration files and advanced spring assembly
  6. Consider improving reverse proxy mapping configuration
    • YAML instead of properties file??
  7. Implementing Content Rewriter module with componentization
  8. Evaluating open (de facto) SSO standards/technologies to possibly integrate
  9. Provide external SSO integration API with an example
  10. Considering other possible extensibility

4. Possible candidate plans

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