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  • Do you have the Pluto portal installed in the same tomcat server? There are known issue trying to run the two side by side. This is generally cause by version incomapitibilty in shared dependent jars or in the version of Pluto itself. Remove all of Pluto before trying to deploy Jetspeed 2.
  • Did you use maven quickStart to deploy? Well, if you didn't, that's why you are having problems. The quickStart goal not only deploys the jetspeed.war, it sets default values in your database that Jetspeed 2 requires to run, it also makes sure the jetspeed.xml (which conatins tomcat datasource information) is formatted correctly for your RDBMS and version of Tomcat (4.x and 5.x require this file in different locations).

  • Try remvoing all the jars from the shared/lib directory, the re-run maven quickStart

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