Please read QuickstartForTheImpatient before before proceeding.

To simplify this document $JS2_PAGES will represent the directory path src/webapp/WEB-INF/pages of the Jetspeed 2 source code.

Jetspeed Portlet Layout

The Jetspeed portlet layout is defined by a number of mechanisms. The $JS2_PAGES file structure has an effect on the layout. Here are some modifications you can do without breaking the build.

Change the Default Page

Modify the column and row indexes for some or all of the portlets on the welcome page($JS2_PAGES/default-page.psml).

Create a file called in the directory $JS2_PAGES. Refer to or copy one of the other .link files for the proper syntax.

Create a New Tab

Tabs can be created by simply creating a psml file in the $JS2_PAGES directory. Copy $JS2_PAGES/default-page.psml to $JS2_PAGES/my-page.psml. Note that the security-constraint tag in psml defines the roles authorized to view this page.

Modify the Menu

The left menu is defined in the folder.metadata file of each directory of the $JS2_PAGES directory.

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