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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<folder id="subfolder16" description="Sub folder 16" skip="false">

  <!-- The value attribute in the decorator definitions below reference a parent variable to which
       the decorator must be assigned.
       As an example the below page definition can be programmed as:            
       folder.setPageDecorator("default", pageDecorator);     
  <decorator   id="jetspeed" type="page"    value="default"   decoration="jetspeed-blue">

  <!-- specify as default topmenu menu decorator a pulldownmenu with an marine menu decoration -->
  <decorator id="pulldownmenu"  type="menu"    value="topmenu"   decoration="marine"/>

  <!-- override the default decoration on the leftmenu menu decorator for this folder -->
  <decorator               type="menu"    value="leftmenu"  decoration="yellow"/>     
  <!-- default disable the rightmenu decorator for this folder -->       
  <decorator               type="menu"    value="rightmenu" disabled="true"/>

  <!-- specify as default portlet decorator the jetspeed portlet decorator with jetspeed-blue decoration-->
  <decorator id="jetspeed" type="portlet" value="default"   decoration="jetspeed-blue"/>     

   <!-- menu parameters -->
   <menu id="tabmenu"  level="1" depth="2"/>     
   <menu id="treemenu" level="3" depth="0"/>     
   <!-- Folder elements displayed in the menu (in the current example in tabmenu if level < 3 or in treemenu otherwise)          
        in the order as defined     
     <page id="page1"  description="Page 1"/>       
     <page ref="../../subfolder2/page8"/>       
     <page ref="/subfolder1/subfolder2/page9" description="Page 9" />
     <folder id="subfolder1"/>       
     <folder ref="/subfolder1/subfolder3"/>       
     <link url="http://www.apache.org" description="Home Apache" target="_self"/>
     <link url="http://portals.apache.org" description="Home Apache Portals" target="outside"/>

     <!-- hidden elements -->       
     <page id="page2" hidden="true"/>       
     <folder id="subfolder2" hidden="true"/>     

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