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being implemented.[[BR]] being implemented.<<BR>>


This page proposes a migration plan to move Jetspeed resources out of Jakarta space and into Portals space. It will need to be approved by the Portals and Jakarta PMCs before being implemented.
The objectives of this process is to move all the Portals resources into the Portals domain to provide clear separation of concerns and administrative scope while limiting the disruption for the committers and users.

Proposed migration plan

  • Step 1: (Portals PMC) Freeze Jetspeed 2 CVS repository Request the creation of :

    jetspeed-2-user@portals.apache.org jetspeed-2-dev@portals.apache.org

  • Step 2: (Portals PMC) One week later at most, convert Jetspeed-2 CVS to Portals SVN repository and close Jetspeed 2 CVS
  • Step 3: (Portals PMC) When the mailing lists are created, announce availability of new mailing lists on jetspeed-user@jakarta and jetspeed-dev@jakarta and start redirecting Jetspeed 2 trafic to new lists.
  • Step 4: (Portals PMC) After 1 month, close/freeze Jetspeed 1 CVS and request the creation of:

    jetspeed-1-user@portals.apache.org jetspeed-1-dev@portals.apache.org

  • Step 5: (Portals PMC) One week later at most, move Jetspeed 1 CVS to Portals SVN
  • Step 5: (infra) When the mailing lists are created, migrate all subscribers from jetspeed-user@jakarta and jetspeed-dev@jakarta to these lists and close the jakarta lists.

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