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2006-06-14 A Very Simple Velocity Portlet

Simple Velocity Portlet Documentation

All web browsers

A guide to creating a simple Velocity portlet. Guides one through the creation of the java class, the portlet.xml, the web.xml, the velocity template, building the war with dependencies, deployment, and the portlet chooser. Target audience is new Jetspeed portlet developers.

2005-12-06 A Very Simple Portlet


2005-12-02 Release Announcement

The Jetspeed team will announce the 2.0 release of it's enterprise information portal framework on December 10th at ApacheCon US 2004. Jetspeed 2 is a full implementation of the Java Portlet API. Notable features include security components backed by LDAP and database implementations and some robust administration interfaces. Custom portals can be built and deployed using the Jetspeed plugin for Maven. Developers can use the Jetspeed PSML language to assemble portlets and the Apache Portals Bridges project to 'bridge' portals with existing technologies including Struts, JSF, PHP, Perl. For GUI designers, Jetspeed comes with several built-in templates used to decorate portals and portlets. Join the growing community of Jetspeed users and developers at ApacheCon. David Sean Taylor will be presenting a Jetspeed tutorial that shouldn't be missed by anyone interested in the technology.

2005-11-22 Installing a Debugging Environment

Run Tomcat using remote debugging.

./catalina.sh jpda run

Then create a new Remote Application using Eclipse. Run > Debug... > Remote Application

The defaults are fine. Check out jetspeed, create workspace, create project.

2005-11-21 Writing some documentation on the rewriter module

My bible is http://portals.apache.org/jetspeed-2/multiproject/jetspeed-rewriter/xref-test/org/apache/jetspeed/rewriter/TestRewriterController.html


The rewriter components do streaming modifications to existing pages or fragments of html. The features include:

  • Remove unwanted markup
  • Modify or transform existing markup
  • Add additional markup


There are two configuration files used by the rewriter framework.

  • Rewriter rules
  • Rewriter mapping


The typical rewriter use case is to strip out the html, head, and body tags while retaining any javascript, stylesheet, and link tags.

2005-11-18 Figuring out the spring components.

org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.impl.SecurityAccessImpl[init] (security-spi.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.SecurityAccess (security-spi.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.impl.SecurityAccessImpl[P] (security-spi.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.UserSecurityHandlerImpl (security-spi-atn.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.SecurityAccess[CA] (security-spi.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.UserSecurityHandler (security-spi-atn.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.UserSecurityHandlerImpl (security-spi-atn.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.AuthenticationProvider (security-provider.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.CredentialHandler[CA] (security-spi-atn.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.UserSecurityHandler[CA] (security-spi-atz.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.AuthenticationProviderProxy (security-provider.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.AuthenticationProvider[CA] (security-provider.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.RoleManager (security-manager.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.SecurityProvider[CA] (security-providers.xml)
  |_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.RoleSecurityHandler[CA] (security-spi-atz.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.UserManager (security-manager.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.SecurityProvider[CA] (security-providers.xml)
  |_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.UserSecurityHandler[CA] (security-spi-atz.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.GroupManager (security-manager.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.SecurityProvider[CA] (security-providers.xml)
  |_org.apache.jetspeed.security.spi.GroupSecurityHandler[CA] (security-spi-atz.xml)

org.apache.jetspeed.security.PermissionManager (security-manager.xml)
|_org.apache.jetspeed.security.impl.PermissionManagerImpl[P] (security-manager.xml)

2005-11-17 Working on some Jetspeed documentation ideas. Outline :

Download Install Configure





Database Security

LDAP Security

Administration Portlets

Portal Application Development

Portal Specification


Portlet Demos

Portal Application Monitor

Portal Application Lifecycle Manager

Localization and Internationalization

Page Manager


Database Access

Jetspeed Architecture

Advanced Topics

AppServer Configurations

Optimizing Jetspeed

Clustering Jetspeed

2005-11-15 I have completed the MapServerPortlet.

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