Pluto 1.1 Admin Interface Discussions

Current requirements

  1. Command-line(maven) and admin portlet deployment should use the same deployment services (Implement the deployment services as ws).
  2. The admin portlets should work in Tomcat and other servlet containers that Pluto is deployed to.
  3. Deployment and undeployment of portlets will be supported by the admin portlets.
    • Hot deployment / undeployment should also be supported.
  4. Portal page layout will be supported by the admin portlet application.
    • We should also support the layout of portlets in different portlet applications on a portal page.
    • Changes to layout in a portal page should not require a restart of the Pluto portal.
  5. The admin interface will contain a portlet to support the editing of User Information Attributes (PLT 17).

Current implementation ideas

  1. Roll our own portlet framework
    • Not popular, due to concern about supporting it
  2. Use another portlet framework
  3. Utilize a simple controller portlet

    • Command design-pattern controller is a variation on this theme

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