Publish the Distribution Binaries

Distributions need to be moved from the staging location /www/ to the the production location: /www/ Under /www/ you will see a directory structure similar to this:

|   |-- v1.0.1
|   |-- v1.1.0
|   |-- v1.1.0-beta1
|   `-- v1.1.0-beta2
|   |-- v1.0.1
|   |-- v1.1.0
|   |-- v1.1.0-beta1
|   `-- v1.1.0-beta2
`-- images

1. Make a directory for the version you are creating under BINARIES and SOURCES

2. Copy binaries from the staging directory (/www/ to the BINARIES/<version> directory.

3. Copy sources from the staging directory to the SOURCES/<version> directory.

4. Update the symlinks to point to the latest release by removing the existing symlinks and recreating them. I use the following:

for file in BINARIES/v1.1.0/* ; do lnname=`basename $file | sed -e 's/1.1.0/current/'` ; ln -s $file $lnname ; done

for file in SOURCES/v1.1.0/* ; do lnname=`basename $file | sed -e 's/1.1.0/current/'` ; ln -s $file $lnname ; done

5. Make sure the KEYS file in /www/ is up to date.

6. Update the /www/ file with the latest version.

Saving the following as a shell script and updating the version string will place all artifacts in the correct locations and update the symlinks

export version=1.1.7

cd /www/
mkdir BINARIES/v${version}
mkdir SOURCES/v${version}
cp /www/${version}/pluto-${version}-src* SOURCES/v${version}/
cp /www/${version}/pluto-${version}-bin* BINARIES/v${version}/
cp /www/${version}/pluto-${version}-bundle* BINARIES/v${version}/
cp /www/${version}/pluto-${version}-container* BINARIES/v${version}/
for file in BINARIES/v${version}/* ; do lnname=`basename $file | sed -e 's/${version}/current/'` ; ln -sf $file $lnname ; done
for file in SOURCES/v${version}/* ; do lnname=`basename $file | sed -e 's/${version}/current/'` ; ln -sf $file $lnname ; done

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