This page is for ideas and comments concerning JSR-286, version 2.0 of the Java Portlet API. Information collected on this page will be forwarded to the JSR-286 Expert Group. See the JSR-286 Website for more information on this Java Specification Request.

Note: The first review draft of the JSR-286 spec has been published. Go to the JSR-286 Web Site to download it. Send your comments on this draft to by Sept 1, 2006.

JSR-286 Suggestions:

[Stefan] Such a mechanism is out of scope of the Portlet Specification as concepts such as pages and portals are quite different for the various implementations out there. Just think of running portlets remotely, how would you create such a link?

[David] I understand the challenge of making something like this generic enough for all portals out there. At the very least, there should be some mechanism for the portlet to determine the URL of the portal server. The portlet would still be portal specific, but there would be at least *some* kind of mechanism for getting to another page on the portal server. If this is out of scope for the Portlet Specification, perhaps there needs to be a JSR that discusses Portals and attempts to provide *some* amount of standarization to how they're implemented and organized.

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