Pluto 1.1.3 Release Plan

Pre Requisites

Express intentions on the developer mailing list

Complete - 3/31/07

Close Current JIRA Release

Complete - 3/31/07

Open next JIRA Release

Complete - 3/31/07

License Header Check

Complete - 3/31/07

Update README, release notes

Complete - 3/31/07

Update site with new version numbers

Complete - 3/31/07

Tag and Roll

mvn clean install release:prepare -P assembly

mvn -Dgpg.passphrase=<yoursigningkeypassphrasehere> release:perform -P assembly,build-assemblies

cd assembly; mvn asssembly:assembly -P assembly,build-assemblies

Move all assemblies to public builds dir

Announce availability of test build and vote

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