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Publishing the Pluto web site from Subversion using Maven 2

Note: Only Apache Portals committers can update the Pluto web site

Step 1: Update your local copy of the Pluto files in the Subversion repository using your SVN client.

Step 2: Make changes to the web site locally.

Step 3: Run mvn site:site from the root directory of your local copy.

Step 4: Browse to pluto-site/target/site/index.html and make sure the web site functions correctly after your changes.

Step 5: Commit your changes to SVN.

Step 6: Create settings.xml in ${userName}/.m2 directory with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  ... ...
      <!-- other optional elements:
        <privateKey>/path/to/identity</privateKey> (default is ~/.ssh/id_dsa)
  ... ...

Step 7: Run mvn site:deploy to publish the site to Apache.

Note: You may need to manually SSH into minotaur.apache.org the first time you publish the web site in order to cache the DSA key.

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