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Status Report for the Incubator

  • is the STATUS file up to date? (also post link)
  • any legal, cross-project or personal issues that still need to be addressed?
    • No.
  • what has been done for incubation since the last report?
    1. Various bug fixes.
    2. Julie [jmacna at apache.org] joined the PGP web of trust.
    3. Julie presented "An Introduction to WSRP" at ApacheCon.

  • plans and expectations for the next period?
    1. Continue development work on outstanding WSRP 1.0 items
    2. Continue to build the community by encouraging developers
      • to contribute code. We are building a user population, but few outside developers have made code contributions.
    3. Would like to ask for a vote to graduate, but concerned about small developer community.
  • any recommendations for how incubation could run more smoothly for you?
    • None.
  • etc (your own thoughts on what is important would be helpful!)

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