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Below is a checklist from the Incubator [http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/ExitingIncubator ExitingIncubator ]. Below is a checklist from the Incubator [[http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/ExitingIncubator|ExitingIncubator ]].
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  * Mailing List Stats (from [http://www.apache.org/~coar/mlists.html]):   * Mailing List Stats (from [[http://www.apache.org/~coar/mlists.html]]):

Incubator Status Summary

Below is a checklist from the Incubator ExitingIncubator.

We are stilling deficient in the following areas:

  • Community -- The user community is strong, but there are not many developers who are actively involved in the code.
    • We need a more diverse and active developer community.
    • Most of the original committers are from IBM, and few non-IBMers have requested commit rights.
    • The grapevine has it that folks have taken the code, fixed it for production use, but not contributed the changes back. Clearly, there are people out there who are using the code, but not participating publicly.
    • Mailing List Stats (from http://www.apache.org/~coar/mlists.html):

      • wsrp4j-dev -- 94 subscribers, 1.18 posts/day
      • wsrp4j-user -- 150 subscribers, 1.91 posts/day
  • Releases -- We have not made any releases yet.

Recent Activity:

  • Julie [jmacna at apache.org] has joined the PGP web of trust. This will permit the signing of releases.

Incubator Checklist

  • (these should be done before code comes into the incubator, but I'm including them for completeness)
  • COMPLETED All code ASL'ed
  • COMPLETED No non ASL or ASL compatbile dependencies in the code base
  • COMPLETED License grant complate
  • COMPLETED CLAs on file.
  • COMPLETED Check of project name for trademark issues

Meritocracy / Community

  • Demonstrate an active and diverse development community
  • No single organization supplies more than 50% of the active committers (must be at least 3 independent committers)
  • COMPLETED The above implies that new committers are admitted according to ASF practices
  • COMPLETED ASF style voting has been adopted and is standard practice
  • Demonstrate ability to tolerate and resolve conflict within the community.
  • Release plans are developed and excuted in public by the community.
    • * Note: incubator projects are not permitted to issue an official Release. Test snapshots (however good the quality) and Release plans are OK.

  • COMPLETED Engagement by the incubated community with the other ASF communities, particularly infrastructure@ (this reflects my personal bias that projects should pay an nfrastructure "tax").
  • Incubator PMC has voted for graduation
  • Destination PMC, or ASF Board for a TLP, has voted for final acceptance

Alignment / Synergy

  • COMPLETED Use of other ASF subprojects
  • COMPLETED Develop synergistic relationship with other ASF subprojects


  • COMPLETED CVS module has been created
  • COMPLETED Mailing list(s) have been created
  • COMPLETED Mailing lists are being archived
  • COMPLETED Bugzilla (JIRA) has been created
  • COMPLETED Project website has been created
  • Project ready to comply with ASF mirroring guidlines
  • COMPLETED Project is integrated with GUMP if appropriate
  • Releases are PGP signed by a member of the community
  • COMPLETED Developers tied into ASF PGP web of trust

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