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Opportunities to collaborate on, and contribute to, ["WSRP4J"]: Opportunities to collaborate on, and contribute to, [[WSRP4J]]:

Opportunities to collaborate on, and contribute to, WSRP4J:

Feel free to add items. Create a separate page for an item when the discussion of a particular item grows too large, so this page is a high level list. When it is agreed that something should be implemented, should we can create a bugzilla bug/feature to track it's progress?

  • DONE reorganize to-do list to incorporate missed (not implemented) / additional features, enhancements, etc.
  • move the swing consumer code out of the general consumer code packages.
  • consider separation of src folder into several (i.e. shared, producer/generic, producer/pluto, consumer/generic, consumer/swing) in accordance with jar files.
  • have a servlet dynamically generate correct endpoint URLSs
    • The wsdls in /wsdl are/were used to generate the code. The ones in the war file are just used for description of the service, i.e. others can get the wsdl and discover the service's caps.
  • DONE redo website in forrest
  • DONE document how to add portlet
    • provide build target to add a portlet
    • provide admin utility to add a portlet
  • make a build distribution, properly labeled as an incubator project and properly mirrored, for easier download and install
  • SwingConsumer enable form support

  • refactoring/reimplementation to get rid of pluto-portalimpl dependency?
  • wsrp features
    • template support consumer/producer side
    • support templatesStoredInSession
    • method GET support for forms?
    • support upload context producer/consumer side
    • optimizaton: return markup on performBlockingInteraction?
    • support redirect
    • support caching
    • support userProfileStoredInSession
    • rewrite resources
    • pass cookies to resources
    • portlet properties
    • support consumer side stored state

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