This page is for collecting links to and information about working snapshots of the WSRP4J code. Under incubation, WSRP4J doesn't make formal general audience releases. The SVN head can change quickly and occasionally breaks or accumulates changes that are not yet as well documented as they could be.

This page is intended to support bridging the gap: providing user-contributed WSRP4J snapshots and collecting documentation about how to use and the foibles of those particular snapshots.

One could expect that this page will become much less valuable in the presence of formally released general audience distributions of WSRP4J.

The preferred version. Includes a README.txt that explains how to build & install the distribution and a WHATWHERE.txt showing the directory layout. The build system is based on Maven, which makes the dependency management much easier. No more manual downloading of jar files!

This old snapshot is provided here for historical reasons. Includes the old cvs repository trunk. Superseded by the newer svn version. Includes the running webapps for WSRP4J and Pluto (pluto, proxyportlet, wsrp, wsrptest). You only have to extract and copy it into the webapp-directory of your servlet-container.

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