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It was so funny and humorous distinction:

Immediately laugh, is funny.

Think again laugh, humor.

For example, I said, "That so and so who is crazy."

We immediately burst out laughing,

This is funny.

For example, I said, "That so and so who is not crazy."

We will hesitated,

And then laughed,

This is the humor.

Comedy is to make you laugh
After you laugh, humor is a skill that would like to learn

Often with a gentlemanly humor, comedy often with vulgar culture

We are free to open their own joke to make them laugh, moderate the humor, too well to become funny.

A lot of funny characters, such as small-Shen Liu Xiaoguang ah ah sing the song and dance duet or simply that the people are. Sometimes, TV shows, that Li Bin and old graduates, cui other people do the kind of humor is the type of men are.

I know a person called the old seedlings, do not and I said you do not know Who is Tony night dew, I really do not know? Would like to know? Would like to know soon as you say, you do not say how I know you want to know? You want to know I do not and you said I know you only do not know.

Ah ... ... ... ... old seedlings ah, he has a name, I like to call him old seedlings, of course, he is an individual, or a man, a very young man. He likes flowers. Although you have never seen him raise a flower, Oh, I have not seen. Growing Flowers I know he can, he's spent Well it has been opened in his face, and have Morning Glory ah, ah break the bowl flower, morning glory Yeah, wow, there are large Jokes dandelion tweed, covered with a flower children rush times. Sometimes, my face gently into his blow, OH ^ ^, that the flowers will all fly, but also non-stop drops down dregs Shua Shuashua residue, that style that shocked Yeah, I often think to this has been almost no one can breathe in the world. Basically his face, it is easy to imagine the garden. The world's most bizarre most people speechless flowers in his flower garden, you can find. He did not listen to me to Gaoge individual flower show, exhibition, not to mention, it was his fault. [http://www.nba-jersey6.com] Wholesale nba jersey