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=== Rest APIS ===  === Rest apis ===

ApacheCon NA 2013 Hackathon

Please show your support for Rave and +1 our proposed Hackathon here


Monday February 25th, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM



ApacheCon NA 2013 Meetup Registration









Matt Franklin

mfranklin at apache dot org

Next Steps

Chris Geer

cgeer at apache dot org

Next Steps

Raminder Singh

raminder at apache dot org

Current use, Next Steps

Ate Douma

ate at apache dot org

Next Steps

Erin Noe-Payne

erin.noe.payne at gmail dot com

Next Steps

Discussed Topics

What is our added value?

  • collections of gadges

Rest apis

Extend rest apis to allow interaction with rave data entirely through apis.

Lightweight Views and Controllers

Break down controllers, reduce the amount of work being done in controllers and jsp views. Examine page and profile controllers to merge common functionality and think about how to treat these entities.

Potentially look towards the goal of removing jsp's entirely.

Client Side Architecture

Plan architecture of rave javascript refactor. Decouple rave core and rave portal functionality.

Rave Core

  • responsible for core rave functionality associated with getting & rendering widgets

  • manage apis for interacting with rest apis
  • manage a rave.ajax namespace that wraps ajax library and can be overlaid to decouple core functionality from a dependency on jquery
  • manage registration of providers and widgets
  • manage a 'widget' abstract class that all providers will implement
  • manage pluggable providers that isolate interaction with opensocial, wiki, and any future providers
  • manage the rendering & dom manipulation needed to insert widgets and support any ui functionality (add, remove, show, hide, collapse, expand etc). This file isolates all dependencies on a dom library and acts as the integration point for any implementer

Rave Portal

  • responsible for functionality and ui associated with the rave portal, including pages, profiles, permissions etc.
  • build portal so that it can support being run as a traditional web app (full page reloads), single page application (ajax driven), or real time

  • manage client side templates, mvc architecture, to support a rave portal that could be

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