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Thank you to everyone who has submitted an entry. At this time, the community is in 'review' mode while we wrestle with the tough task of deciding which logos best represent the project and this community.

Apache Shale logo contest

Now that we (the Shale community/project) are a top level Apache project, we need a new logo. And so we thought it was a great idea to make this into a contest. Some healthy competition never hurts. Anyone can compete and everyone is encouraged to participate. Especially during the final days as we wind down the contest and begin discussing designs.

Essentially, the judges that make the final decision will be the Shale committers and there's no special criteria or secret sauce that the judges use to pick one design over the other.

The details for this contest are just now (July 8, 2006) beginning to solidify. However, we know that there will be prizes for the top 3 designs, and the winner will receive the grand prize (which includes and iPod and a few other items that are still being decided on).

So join us on the users mailing list and help us decide on the best logo from those submitted, or, if you feel a little creative, submit your own design. Please subscribe to the users mailing list to be notified as more details become available.

To submit your design, simply create a logo image and a powered-by image and add it to this wiki page along with your name and email address. Follow the existing format using double piping symbols "||" to create table cells.

To upload and display your images, you must login (create a new account if you don't already have one), then choose "attachments" from the "More actions" select list, upload your files (give them a unique name) and then edit this page and follow the example below.

The deadline for submissions was August 31, 2006.

The winner will need to sign an ASF Contributor License Agreeement and provide the "source code" for the images (most likely the original layered !PhotoShop/GIMP/Illustrator files from which the submitted image was created.)

Thank you and good luck!

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