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1.Quality Guarantee

DE-YING [http://www.towercrane-cn.com tower crane] has been awarded "Famous Product" by Jiaxing Famous Product Accreditation Committee, and gained the certificate of ISO9001:2000 and CE certificate by SGS.
2.Enterprise Credit

DEYING is awarded Credit A——" Contract observer, Credit Keeper" by Pinghu Administration of Industry and Commerce.

3. Cost efficiency

DEYING is the leader among manufacturers of [http://www.towercrane-cn.com tower crane manufacture] base in Zhejiang Province.


We inherit Potain technique and modify with state-of-art equipment, which leads to our up-to-day products. We apply crassitude drum technique, which will solve the common problem that wire rope twists when in service.

5. Manufacturing Quality

Zhejiang Deying Architectural Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd has got the qualification of [http://www.towercrane-cn.com tower crane manufacturing] with Manufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China. [http://www.towercrane-cn.com/page/DEYING%20products.asp Tower crane dealer], [http://www.towercrane-cn.com/page/DEYING%20products.asp tower crane Seller]


Tower crane belongs to special equipment of People's Republic of China, the safety of tower crane is closely relative to people's life and property. DEYING equips safety protector.

Weight limiter uses pull-ring structure made by foreign advanced technique. Moment limiter is adaptable in hash wildness environment and ensures the limiter is sensitive and reliable to avoid security accidents caused of malpractice operation of tower crane, like doverload.

7. Production Process

①Welding: We apply CO2 gas shielded welding,inverted automatic submerged arc welding machine welding, semi-automatictrolley-style welding, and arrange instruction, assessment and confirmation of special process.

②mechanical processing: Standard fixture for mast sections and joint guarantees the processing precision.

③Paint spray: We apply shot-blast before manual painting to improve the surface intensity so that the paint could last longer like fresh.

8. Specialization and standardization

The factory is equipped by full facilities, which is divided into four specialized workshop.

The factory takes up 45000m2, , and is now being enlarging. We apply CNC cutting machine、 Inverted automatic submerged arc welding machine、Gas shielded welder、Milling machine、double-sided milling、shot-blasting、Paint spraying line, etc., all of which provide outstanding security for high quality of tower crane.

9.Malfunction Rate

Generally, electric failure covers about 70% of the malfunction of [http://www.towercrane-cn.com/page/chinese%20Tower%20Crane%20manufactory.html tower crane]. To solve this problem, we choose Schneider electric parts and modify the system, which gives more assurance to normal performance of tower crane, bringing down malfunction rate.

10. After sales service

Assist the users to make construction proposal for the first time if required.
Equipment debugging installation
Training operators on the spot fixes the breakdown fast and actively Provide technical supports