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Official documentation for the latest release of Solr can be found on the Solr website. Of particular note is the Solr Reference Guide which is published by the project after each minor release.

The rest of this wiki is community edited and captures version agnostic information, User submitted Tips & Tricks, historical information on Solr, as well as some areas of Solr not yet covered in the Reference Guide.

General Information

Solr Development

Using Solr

Installation and Configuration

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When you are ready to scale beyond a single node, see SolrCloud. For information on individual Application Servers, or stand-alone deployments, see the list of options on the Solr Installation page.

Advanced Tools

Tips, Tricks and Use Cases

Solr Clients

Operations and Production

User-contributed content

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This Wiki is a collaborative site where anyone can contribute and share, however due to to excessive link spam only confirmed humans are allowed to edit pages -- the process of confirming you are human however is really easy:

Once you have been authorized, you can edit any page by pressing Edit at the top or the bottom of the page

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