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[DIFF] 13:44 [INFO] ShawnHeisey [1-2] #01 Update links for the mailing lists and the documentation. Add a note about the fact that documentation is created from source.
#02 Moved the section about the mailing list to the top.
[DIFF] 23:38 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Add indexConfig parts to the merge scheduler config for the millions-of-rows FAQ.
[DIFF] 13:57 [INFO] ShawnHeisey Initial page creation.
[DIFF] 03:43 [INFO] ShawnHeisey fix a typo (remove extra "not").
[DIFF] 16:04 [INFO] CassandraTargett [1]
jimczi [2]
#01 add item about using ranges & percentages in autoscaling policies
[DIFF] 08:09 [INFO] jimczi [1-2] #01 Add 7.5.0 release
[DIFF] 10:04 [INFO] ShawnHeisey changed query strings to monospace font.
[DIFF] 19:42 [INFO] Ramzi Alqrainy
[DIFF] 19:39 [INFO] Ramzi Alqrainy


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