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The ExtractingUpdateProcessor is an Update Processor capable of extracting text out of rich documents such as PDFs and MS Office documents and more. It is based on Apache Tika which has support for more than 30 document formats. The processor is shipped in the solr-extraction contrib module, bundled together with ExtractingRequestHandler.

ExtractingUpdateProcessor does the same job as ExtractingRequestHandler, namely extracting text from rich documents. But using it as an UpdateProcessor has several benefits over the RequestHandler approach:


The UpdateRequestProcessor is configured in solrconfig.xml, and supports many parameters. All parameters listed may also be overridded on the update request itself. A minimal configuration will read input from a binary field named stream_content and the file name from field stream_name and output extracted data to fields title and body:

<processor class="org.apache.solr.update.processor.ExtractingUpdateProcessorFactory" />

NOTE: The processor supports the defaults/appends/invariants concept for its config. However, it is also possible to skip this level and configure the parameters directly underneath the <processor> tag.

Below follows a list of each configuration parameters and their meaning:

<!> TBD


Bla bla

Value: true/false

Default: true


Override input and output fields

<processor class="org.apache.solr.update.processor.ExtractingUpdateProcessorFactory" >
  <str name="in.content.field">binary_content</str>
  <str name="in.filename.field">filename</str>
  <str name="out.title.field">title_en</str>
  <str name="out.body.field">description_en</str>
  <str name="out.mimetype.field">mimetype</str>


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