Release Suggestions

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This is a list of suggested tasks one might perform when preparing for a release.

Check Quality of Artifacts

  1. Run
    ant clean test
  2. Check that Solr works on the latest versions of Jetty, Tomcat, and Resin.

  3. Make sure the src/maven artifact templates are in sync with the dependencies in the Ant build file.
  4. Make sure the Ant sign-artifacts target is in sync with all of the artifacts that are created. All released artifacts should be signed.

  5. Run RAT on the source
    ant rat-sources



  6. Check that we include all pertinent license files and that NOTICE.txt is in order.

  7. Check that release tgz/zip files looks ok - e.g. uncompress them, run example, work through the steps of the tutorial, ensure that the javadocs are readable, etc...

  8. Check if documentation needs an update, update release date in CHANGES.txt and add any necessary notes on upgrading.

Misc Housekeeping

  1. Start a new section in CHANGES.txt

  2. Is your Key in the KEYS file?


    see and

JIRA Housekeeping

  1. Double Check that there are no remaining unresolved Jira issues with the upcoming version number listed as the Fix version

  2. Double Check that there are no Fixed Jira issues missing a Fix Version that should be marked as Fixed in this release.

  3. Mark the version as released in Jira (noting the release date)

  4. Create the next version in Jira (if it doesn't already exist)

  5. Go to Jira and find all issues that were Fixed in the release you just made, whose Status is Resolved, and do a bulk change to close all of these issues.


    Uncheck the box that says "send an email for these changes"


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